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Lost Dog Series: Expert Advice On Both Finding And Preventing A Lost Dog – Part 2 – Episode 30

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lost dog

Quick Summary:

In this episode, I continue talking with a dog finder specialist, Devon Thomas Threadwell, who co-founded a non-profit organization called The Retrievers.  In this part 2, she gives more great information on how to find lost dogs.  We also discuss the dogs that are the biggest flight risks.  And we delve deep into prevention strategies, which is hugely important for all dog lovers because we sure do NOT want to lose one of our precious dogs!  Listen in and learn some valuable information that you hopefully won’t need, but at minimum, you certainly can pass along over the years to many fellow dog parents!

Treats For You:

Here is the direct link to The Retrievers website. Click here.

Here is the direct link on The Retrievers website for the “Missy Trap” instructions. Click here.

Here is the direct link to the resource Devon suggested, which is Missing Animals Response Network. Click here.

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