lost dog, how to find a lost dog

Lost Dog Series: Expert Advice On Both Finding And Preventing A Lost Dog – Part 1 – Episode 29

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lost dog, how to find a lost dog

Quick Summary:

To finish out the series in this episode and the next episode, I talk with a dog finder specialist, Devon Thomas Treadwell, who co-founded a non-profit organization called The Retrievers.  There is a wealth of information contained in these episodes to help dog parents out there find their lost dogs and bring them home safely.  There are valuable tips and things I never knew that we can do to prevent our dogs from ever being lost in the first place, as well.  The discussion of dog behavior and the well-tested strategies shared in these episodes are so interesting.  I hope you find it as interesting, educational and enlightening as I did. 

Treats For You:

Here is the direct link to The Retrievers website. Click here.

Here is the direct link on The Retrievers website for the “Missy Trap” instructions. Click here.

Here is the direct link to the resource Devon suggested, which is Missing Animals Response Network. Click here.

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