Puppy Biting or Nipping: The Big Picture & How To Stop The Biting – Part 1 – Episode 31

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Quick Summary:

In this episode and the next, I talk with Jeff Feuerwerker (aka “Jeff, the dog trainer”) about puppy biting, or nipping as he calls it.  Jeff goes into great detail about the bigger picture and why this happens.  It is so chock full of good information and “a-ha moments” that I made it into a 2 part episode series.  Whether you currently have a puppy who is nipping or not, this information is very interesting and useful for all dog parents.  But, for those with pups who are biting or if you will be getting a puppy soon, this is truly a “must-listen.”

Treats For You:

To find out more about Jeff’s puppy nipping course – click here.

To check out Jeff’s Canine Connect 360 membership – click here.

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