Dog Amputations and Physical Therapy – Three Legs And A Spare – 010

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Quick Summary:

In this episode (010), I talk about dog amputations, my experience in doing physical therapy with dogs after they have an amputation, my rehab suggestions, and various tips along with a peek inside the world of veterinary medicine from my perspective.  I also share a very personal and heartbreaking story of my own dog, a golden retriever named Megan, who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her leg and amputating her leg was a possible treatment option. In addition, I offer helpful physical therapy resources for dog parents who either have or will soon have a “tripawd” (a dog with three legs).

This will be a 2 part series on dog amputations.  In the next episode, I talk with a client who shares her experience with her Great Dane, Shira, who had a front leg amputation in 2017. 

More Details:

Hear my heartbreaking story about my golden retriever, Megan. She got cancer when she was two years old. It was osteosarcoma in her back right leg. I talk about what I learned through the experience and the regret I have experienced.

Discover how well dogs can do with “3 legs and a spare!” Yes, I talk all about how I first heard that phrase. I talk about the impact it had on me, and how amazingly well dogs can do after amputations. That is, with the help of proper care and early intervention of a simple physical therapy program.

Did you know that your dog should walk right out of the hospital after an amputation? Yes, it’s true! Hear all about it!

Did you know that a board certified soft tissue surgeon is the ideal surgeon for performing amputations?

Also, discover why seeking a specialist and having the surgery done at a specialty hospital is definitely worth the extra cost.

Furthermore, find out what should be happening while your dog is in the hospital.

In addition, I share a “golden nugget” for forelimb amputations and for hindlimb amputations.

Plus, you’ll get lots of other tips and advice and hear insights into the veterinary world from my perspective. This may drastically change how you view veterinary care.

Learn everything you need to know to ensure a good outcome for your dog post amputation. And if your dog had an amputation a while ago, that’s okay too. The tips I share can still help no matter how long ago the surgery took place.

Hear about the roadmaps from Day 1 post op all the way through for the rest of life.

Finally, it is my goal that this podcast episode saves the lives of many dogs and helps dog parents feel empowered and more at ease. Please let me know if you need more help or support.

Treats For You:

As promised, I will be creating two PDFs – one for forelimb dog amputations and one for hindlimb dog amputations. They will be coming soon… 😉

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Oh, can’t forget the video of Shira playing with her younger Great Dane sibling. She’s the black one (in case it’s hard to tell which one has 3 legs given how fast they are going)! Click here to see it on Facebook!

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