Dog Amputations and Physical Therapy – Three Legs And A Spare – Part 2, Episode 011

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Quick Summary:

In this episode (011), I talk with a past client, Sharon, about dog amputations because her dog Shira, a Great Dane had a front leg amputation performed.  She shares her experience, the good and the bad. And we offer advice to other dog parents who may need to consider an amputation for their dog. We also discuss the importance of physical therapy and the huge impact it had for Shira and her family.

More Details:

Sharon shares about her happy ending with Shira, but also her rough first 4 weeks after the amputation of her dog’s leg. Being a Great Dane was a consideration which she talks about because Sharon wasn’t convinced a dog so large would do well with an amputation.

She gives her tips and advice for other dog parents, based on her experience.

Sharon talked about phantom pain that Shira experienced and about the need for support and encouragement, and found some great help from

I asked her what she would want to let other dog parents know above all else, when facing a dog amputation. Her advice is awesome!

Treats For You:

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