The Power of Playing with Our Dogs – 003

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Quick Summary

In this episode (003), I talk with expert dog trainer, Meagan Karnes, who is the founder and head trainer at The Collared Scholar, all about the power of playing with our dogs. There are big “aha moments” to be discovered as we dig into the psychology of how our dogs view us and the world. Another “MUST-LISTEN!” 😉

More Info:

Meagan Karnes first started working with reactive dogs and dogs with aggression and other severe behavioral issues. She then moved into training working dogs, police dogs, and competitive sporting and obedience dogs.

Meagan shines a big light on how it is so important to first have fun with our dogs, so that they have a strong drive to want to pay attention to us and that this is really the first step and often a missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to training dogs.

I left the interview feeling both inspired to play more with my dogs and also, honestly, I felt a little sad that I hadn’t realized what I learned in this episode sooner. But, thanks to Meagan, now I am empowered to have an even better relationship and bond with my dogs. Thanks, Meagan!

Treats For You:

You can find more about Meagan at

She is also on both Facebook and Instagram as “The Collared Scholar.”

Meagan discussed a FREE guide on how to properly play “tug” with our dogs so we have fun, but do not cause injuries. Please check it out, as the information is very important and can help you prevent an injury. To get your guide, simply click here.


  1. Just listened to this episode and it was eye opening! I have a senior dog and I’ve always found playing with him difficult saying “oh he just doesn’t know how to play”. But now I realize I was just setting expectations of what “play” should be! I’ve focused more on being his caretaker and disciplinarian, but now I’m going to put a focus on play time every day! Thank you! I know this will enrich his senior years 🙂

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