Using Food As Therapy with Dr. Kate McDermott – 002

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food therapy

Quick Summary:

In this episode (002), Dr. Kate McDermott, an integrative medicine veterinarian, shares valuable information on the various approaches to veterinary medicine.  Learn about using food as therapy and walk away with valuable tips on simple and inexpensive human foods we can feed our dogs to greatly improve their health and help with arthritis.

More Info:

Dr. Kate clarifies the differences among western veterinary medicine, eastern veterinary medicine, holistic vet care for dogs, and the integrative medicine approach to caring for your dogs.

She provides really interesting examples of patients who had amazing results with the integrative medicine approach.

Dr. Kate explains food therapy and how valuable an addition it can be to both traditional and integrative veterinary medicine.

Finally, she shares 3 super easy and readily available and economical human foods that are POWER FOODS for dogs, which can help with arthritis, brain function, and overall health and longevity.

This is a MUST-LISTEN!!! I’ve started giving my dogs these 3 power foods and even I feel better, knowing I am moving toward fetching my dogs’ best lives! 🙂

Treats For You:

Dr. Kate is offering a really exciting FREE fresh food challenge for us.

Check it here and sign up for this FREE fresh food challenge, in which we will learn even more great foods we can give our dogs to improve their health.

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