Parenting Toddlers and Dogs with Michelle Stern – Episode 021

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Quick Summary:

In this episode (021), I talk with Michelle Stern, who is a dog trainer with a background of being both an educator and a mom.  She blends her interests in an incredible way – to teach parents how to create safety and get rid of the chaos that naturally exists when raising both dogs and young children.  We talk about strategies and putting systems in place to ensure that both the dogs and the children are safe and happy. There are so many valuable tips and suggestions offered in this episode.  You just need to listen to it! Also, Michelle offers an online class in which she teaches and supports parents who are raising both dogs and young children. As I state at the end of the podcast, I believe that her class is a MUST for all parents who have dogs and young children co-existing.  What she teaches would have saved the life of my uncle’s daughter. I can’t stress enough just how valuable and important Michelle’s expertise is and how taking her course will definitely reduce the chaos and improve safety, but it may be priceless for some in preventing devastating injuries or worse.  Two thumbs up for Michelle Stern!  

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