Grieving The Loss Of Our Dogs Resourcefully – Part 1 – 006

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Quick Summary:

In this episode (006), I begin a 2 part interview with Silke Herwald, who is a grief specialist and works with people who are grieving the loss of their beloved dogs.  Silke talks about the similarities and differences in losing our dogs vs our human loved ones, the common lack of societal support when our dogs pass on and how this impacts us as dog lovers.  We also discuss the important topic of “pre-grieving” and what it is and how it can be so beneficial. I pass on a golden tip on how to know when “it’s time” and I share the sudden death and aftermath of my golden retriever, Oscar. 

Be sure to listen to Part 2 of this interview (coming out on August 20, 2019), in which Silke takes me through an exercise to demonstrate the power of a tool she uses to help dog parents grieve more resourcefully.  I personally experienced a powerful shift and I trust that this interview series is going to help so many dog parents in the world.  

Click here to check out Part 2 of this interview!

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