hip dysplasia in dogs

Hip Dysplasia In Dogs – Surgical and Non-Surgical Treatment Options With Orthopedic Surgeons, Dr. Daly and Dr. Csiszer – Part 1 of 3, Episode 015

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hip dysplasia in dogs

Quick Summary:

In this episode (015), I interview Dr. Daly and Dr. Csiszer, two board certified orthopedic surgeons, all about hip dysplasia, including treatment options – both surgical and non-surgical.  We discuss the pros, cons, and various considerations and risks of each surgical technique. We also talk about medical or conservative management, meaning no surgery, and how well dogs can do without surgery.  We talk at length about total hip replacements in dogs and even touch on pain medications, supplements, and some alternative treatment approaches. This 3-part series is a MUST-LISTEN if you have a dog with hip dysplasia. 

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More Details:

In this episode, part 1 of the 3-part series on hip dysplasia in dogs, we discuss hip dysplasia in general and talk about a surgery that can be done at a very young age, called the JPS or juvenile pubic symphysiodesis.

We also start talking a great deal about total hip replacements in dogs. For those of you interested in THRs, we discuss them throughout all 3 parts of this series. So, be sure to listen in to all 3 parts. They provide a great education for dog parents out there considering different treatment options.

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