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Quick Summary:

This introduction episode unleashes the scoop on Dog Lovers Unleashed, its format and goals, the origin story, a glimpse into the host, Julie McKinney Miller, a canine physical therapist, and how she entered the field of canine rehab and how she overcame fears to pursue the mission of helping one million dogs and their people.

Show Notes:

In this introduction episode of Dog Lovers Unleashed, I share all of the scoop about this podcast – what to expect, its format, goals, and mission.  

I also talk about the origin story of the podcast – how it came to be and how I had to overcome a lot of fears to bring this podcast out into the world.

I share my story of how I got into the field of canine physical therapy and give you a glimpse into my life with my dogs.

And I thank some very important people in my life – my husband and my mom, as well as Dr. Randy Boudrieau from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, Kamila Gornia, a business mentor from Heart Behind Hustle, my dogs, and all of my past doggie patients and clients.  

I’d also like to thank Pat Flynn for creating such an amazing podcasting course, Power Up Podcasting.  Pat, I so appreciate being able to go back to each lesson and follow the implementation tasks, step by step.  It truly felt like you were holding my hand along the way. I knew I could always refer back to your lessons and ask you questions in the weekly office hours.  Best online course I’ve ever taken and been a part of!!! Great, great job serving your community with integrity and so much dedication to us.

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