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Puppy Training – Capitalizing On The Developmental Stages – 009

In DLU Podcast, Dog Lovers Unleashed podcast by Julie Miller2 Comments

In this episode (009), I interview Kirsten Tolley of Free State Canine, an experienced dog trainer who enjoys specializing in early intervention training for puppies to capitalize on their developmental stages. The outcome of starting her puppy training approach at 8 weeks of age is that it makes for a better and smoother experience with your dog for life. Obedience training at a later age is significantly easier. And, Kirsten’s approach can help minimize the risk of problem behaviors that could develop, such as separation anxiety, fearfulness, reactivity, aggression, and other pesky behaviors like jumping up on people, barking at them, stealing food, and more. Listen in and discover how early training from day 1 with your puppy can be life changing!